Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mind the gap!

With everything that's been going on at work lately, I am completely stoked about my upcoming vacation to Scotland & England. Okay, so I would have been stoked anyway, seeing as I'm totally enthralled with the UK, but getting to go back PLUS the added benefit of getting away from work.... beautiful!

I just keep repeating my mantra: I just have to make it to the end of March... end of March... end of March. Of course, I'm also jaded (and paranoid) enough to think that, with my luck, I'll end up getting "let go" just before my trip. "Oh, I hope you have a nice vacation. By the way, why don't you clean out your desk before you go, hmm?"

In the spirit of my coming holiday, I've been watching clips of a Scots comedian on Youtube this morning, defiantly wasting time at work before New Boss arrives. His name is Danny Bhoy, and the following goes out to CC, Martha, and Van Diver, in remembrance of our time around the fire pit:



Friday, January 19, 2007

Crap! What day is it again?!?

Okay, so I've been a very bad girl. A very, very, bad blogger. I apologize to all the nice people who have been bitching me out about not updating in a while. Mea maxima culpa.

Lately my life has been a game of balancing priorities, and trying to conceive has, unfortunately, been losing the game. Don't get me wrong, I still want to get knocked up. But with all hoopla that's been going on at work, I just don't have the energy to obsess about it quite as much, not right now.

To recap and advance our story...
Where I work, the on-site staff is tiny, as in three people: manager, me (assistant), and the maintenance guy. As you may recall, Evil Mr. Spacely fired my manager-boss a couple of weeks before Christmas. Then on January 2nd, the first day back at work after the New Year's holiday, my maintenance guy fell off a ladder and hurt his knee. I've never before had to handle an on-the-job injury, complete with reams of Worker's Compensation paperwork, and I hope I never have to again.

We hired a temp. to handle some of the maintenance work, since my regular guy is out for an undetermined amount of time going through physical therapy. New Guy apparently likes his women on the chunky side, since I've been ignoring, talking over, and disregarding vaguely inappropriate comments for the last two weeks. Last night, I pretty much decided that one more comment, and he's either going to get a serious talk, or I'll just call the temp. agency and have him pulled off the assignment. I might not be the boss, but I work here, and I'm tired of feeling uncomfortable over pickup attempts that just barely manage to avoid crossing the line into harassment. And I would dare New Boss, or Mr. Spacely, to say anything about me cancelling the temp.

Yes, I have a new manager, who I guess is really more like part time/temp/new-boss. Mr. Spacely just shuffled another manager from another site, and now New Boss is watching over two properties. In two different cities. And of course, New Boss' home base is NOT where I am. So, even though I have a manager on paper and in theory, I only have "supervision" about 2 days a week. Things aren't getting done, or if they are, it's not in a timely fashion. And since New Boss usually works in a high-class, ooh la la, environment, she's just not used to the slightly run-down, once-was-nice environment that we have in this part of town. It's been a nightmare, and I don't see it ending any time soon.


And now for something completely different, I will actually attempt to obsess over TTC for a few moments! Femara cycle #2 was a bust, and I'm now starting femara cycle #3. I'm on cd 3 right now, and I'm bleeding like a stuck pig. You know, there's a tiny part of me that remembers with fondness, the days when I used to have a period only two or three times a year. Ahh, the blissful ignorance of not knowing that I was totally screwed up, hormonally speaking.